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ptas 0.5
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pokemon the abridged series episode 0.5
the incompleted , first , original version

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i know the quality is crap and it doesnt go all the way, right now its just a demo to show that i can do this with videos, by november it should be completely there (as on youtube), and of a higher quality as well. feel free to leave comments once ive enabled commenting.

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if, for whatever reason you really like my abridged work,  and cannot possibly show your gratitude for being provided with 7 minutes of moderate hilarity, in anything other than words, i gladly will accept any money you feel my video was worth.
keep in mind this, for copyright reasons, you are donating money because you liked the episode "purely because the audio was great, and would have donated anyway , had there not been the video,
"wink ,wink"